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Mental Health

The traumatic experiences of two wars left their marks: For many women in Chechnya it is hard to cope with their memories while they have no access to professional help. The situation in the rural areas is particularly difficult. Our partner organization offers comprehensive services and supports families in villages in outskirt areas of Grozny.


Charity: Books for schools in the mountain region near Grozny

Why we get involved - Burden of Everyday Life, Painful Memories

Experiences of violence, flight and expulsion, loss of family members and an uncertain future are putting a strain on many women in Chechnya. Social pressure is growing since they are pushed back into traditional roles while patriarchal values are increasingly prevailing. Psychosomatic problems often remain undiscovered and therefore untreated until the women collapse under the burden of everyday life and the strain of their memories.

What we do – An Oasis of Recreation and Well-Being

The psychologist of our partner organization offers both group sessions and individual counseling. She supports women in coping with anxiety, depression, and stress caused by trauma. The loss of family members and the uncertain future are important issues but clients also address domestic violence and sexually motivated attacks. The team regularly visits schools and raises awareness among teachers, school management and pupils about the connection between physical and mental health. Early warning signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are discussed while the psychologist encourages the participants to get help if they notice symptoms.

Meanwhile in Grozny, a small house in Grozny was renovated. Our partner is now offering courses and workshops there and creates an oasis of wellbeing and a retreat for women.

What we achieve - Dealing with the Past, Believing in the Future

Year after year, we are helping hundreds of women to better cope with their difficult living conditions. This inures also to the benefit of family members, since women still bear the main responsibility for the welfare of children and relatives. Most important is that they find someone they can confide in and talk to when despair and pain are becoming overwhelming. The clients are also supporting each other even if their living conditions are anything but hopeful.


The project was financed by Secours Catholique, Brot für die Welt, Humanitäre Hilfe Berlin und by donations to AMICA.

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With 50 € we can provide a legal advisor, with 80 € job training and with 150 € psychological support for women in conflict areas:

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