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Combating Violence against Women

Particularly in post-conflict regions, gender-based violence is a major problem. All partner-organizations of AMICA report an increasing number of clients who complain of abuse in the family and in their social environment. Three organizations in three regions set up a network during the next three years to effectively combat domestic violence in post-war areas.


Campaign against Violence: TV Debate with our Project Partner

Why We Get Involved - Women need rights

Many women suffer in Kosovo under an archaic law. Since the 15th c entury the Kanun is passed on orally from generation to generation. Until today, customary law rules the lives of many Albanian families. Women are assigned a subordinate role. Particularly in rural areas the Kanun applies - next to the modern constitutional law.

Especially single mothers in Kosovo suffer from the rigid rules of ancient patriarchy. According to a study of the partner-organization of AMICA in Prizen, 82% of single mothers are war widows. Only a few can lead an independent life. Most women live in the extended family of the deceased or missing husband or with her own parents. They have no job and no income and are at the mercy of the relatives. Many report abuse and hardships. Violence against women is common. They are regarded as cheap labourers with no life of their own.

What We Do - SOS Hotline and Workshops for Perpetrators

The local partner-organization of AMICA is taking part in the international network project. In Prizren and surrounding areas, the social workers have established support groups for women. Once a month, they visit these groups and speak about psychosocial, health and legal issues. The groups have elected speakers, who keep in touch with the Kosovarian Women's Network and address members of the parliament, to inform them about their needs and demands.

Our partner also established an SOS hotline. Women, but also men use the service for anonymous counseling, often followed up by a personal appointment in the centre. At round tables, specialists gather and discuss the problem of violence against women. In Prizren, the director of the health department, the gender officers of the town, representatives of the Centre for Social Work, a lawyer and other NGO members agreed upon a better cooperation.

Our partner organizations are the first to work with perpetrators. A psychologist is instructing the groups and helps participants to reflect on role models and violence. The trainings take place at regular intervals. During the campaing "16 Days against Violence", our partner also arranged a painting competition.

What We Are Achieving - Encouragement and Relief

Support and mutual understanding is the most important achievement of the support groups. The women formulate their needs and their political will. Through speakers they address politicians and activists who advocate for women's rights.

Working with perpetrators breaks centuries old patterns. There is no sustainable protection for women and no respect for their independence unless out-dated role models and social patterns have been changed.

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and by donations to AMICA.





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