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Supporting Women’s Businesses

Life for two groups of women in Kosovo is particularly hard: single mothers and those who were removed from EU host countries. Our new project aims to support both returnees and single mothers in developing small businesses in rural areas. Together, we are creating prospects for new beginnings.


The team of the only Kosovar agricultural cooperative managed by women in the country at a trade fair

Why We're Involved - Disadvantaged Groups Need Support

Women whose husbands disappeared or were killed in the Kosovo war in 1999 are up until this day the largest group of single parents. The state provides them with a small "martyr" pension as well as welfare assistance, yet both of these measures combined are not enough to live off of. Most Kosovar women face significant barriers to owning property. This situation exacerbates the difficult position of rural women.

Among the Kosovar returnees, the Roma are at a particular disadvantage. In view of high unemployment rates, even skilled members of this ethnic minority face little to no chances on the job market. Very few returnees register with the authorities. In general, they receive zero support from communities.

What We Do - Successful Models and New Ideas

We are offering trainings for single mothers and encouraging them to create small businesses. The successful women's cooperative in Krushe e Madhe which we have been cooperating with for several years serves as a role model. There, 25 women have found part-time jobs, mainly producing the popular pepper paste called “Ajvar”. Toghether with the women of Krushe e Madhe we are encouraging single mothers to develop new business ideas and we are supporting them in creating their own initiatives.

At the same time we are collecting data to get more accurate figures on how many families have returned to the country and what kind of support and training they eventually need. Several returnees receive psychological and legal advice and take part in a training to improve their career choices.

We also organize round tables with local employers, politicians and gender commissioners to inform them about the difficult situation of single mothers and deported women and to strengthen their rights.

What We Achieve – Jobs Oppotunitiy and Small Businesses

The women of Krushe e Madhe are offering their knowledge to other women in rural areas and are strengthening their businesses. In June 2014, the foundations for a new production hall have been laid. The construction is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. This year, the cooperative will offer first seasonal jobs to women in financial emergencies.

In the professional trainings we discover and develop the skills and strengths of the participants and support women in realizing their business ideas. This helps single mothers to receive more legal security and gain more chances on the labor market. We are improving living conditions for returnees and are empowering women on their way to build new lifes in Kosovo.


The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office and donations to AMICA e.V..


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With 50 € we can provide a legal advisor, with 80 € job training and with 150 € psychological support for women in conflict areas:

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