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Our Projects in Lebanon

Since 2011, various oppositional groups have been fighting against government forces in Syria. In the meantime, the Islamic State (IS) has been spreading throughout the region. The civil war has caused one of the largest humanitarian disasters in recent years. It is estimated that half of the Syrian population is fleeing war, violence and hunger. Women's and human rights organizations report that rape and torture are widespread. Lebanon shelters the largest number of refugees worldwide relative to its original population. Every fourth or fifth inhabitant is a refugee, of which about 75-80% are women and children. In early 2014, AMICA e.V. established contact with with Lebanese women's organizations and is currently building a counseling center near the Syrian border.

Supporting Syrian refugees - Counseling Lebanese women

Since the beginning of the war, Syria's neighboring countries have provided shelter to millions of refugees. Relative to its population, Lebanon is currently hosting the largest number worldwide. Living conditions are disastrous. Refugees are not officially registered but rather tolerated as "guests". Many are traumatized, and support structures of any kind are lacking. Women in particular are at a high risk of experiencing violence.

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With 50 € we can provide a legal advisor, with 80 € job training and with 150 € psychological support for women in conflict areas:

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