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Supporting Syrian refugees - Counseling Lebanese women

Since the beginning of the war, Syria's neighboring countries have provided shelter to millions of refugees. Relative to its population, Lebanon is currently hosting the largest number worldwide. Living conditions are disastrous. Refugees are not officially registered but rather tolerated as "guests". Many are traumatized, and support structures of any kind are lacking. Women in particular are at a high risk of experiencing violence.

Worlds apart: City of Beirut and inofficial refugee camp in Lebanon

Why We're Involved - Support for Host Country and Refugees

The growing number of refugees in Lebanon has severe social and economic consequences for the country. There are no official refugee camps. People find shelter in deteriorating houses, vacant factory buildings, and tents constructed from old carpets, canvas and other material. Lebanon does not officially designate them as refugees. There is a shortage of practically everything; electricity and water are scarce, medical care and social assistance does not reach the poorest of the poor. Lacking educational opportunities and occupational skills, refugees face limited chances for finding work. Their makeshift homes offer them little protection against the cold or increasing violent hostility. Women in particular are exposed to sexual violence. Desperation increases violence within families.

What we do – Safe Spaces, Targeted Assistance

In cooperation with our local partner, we offer counseling to Syrian and Lebanese women in a center in the Beqaa Valley. There we work to raise awareness about violence against women and inform women of their rights, and offer therapy workshops and individual sessions. Additionally, women in emergency situations can contact a telephone hotline for immediate advice. In serious cases, we help individual women find places in shelters. We are simultaneously working to expand our existing local network and inform the population about the situation of women from Syria and in Lebanon.

What we achieve - Less Violence, More Protection

We are reducing women's risk of becoming victims of domestic or sexual violence, and ensuring that violence in families decreases. We are also increasing the availability of services for Syrian and Lebanese women. Our activities have already begun to show effects: More and more women are visiting the center to learn more about conflict management and women's rights in order to help others in their social environment. At the women’s center, our clients find a safe space in which they can recoup and receive competent support. In this way, we are able to create a small island of safety.


The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the GRATIA Foundation and donations to AMICA e.V..

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With 50 € we can provide a legal advisor, with 80 € job training and with 150 € psychological support for women in conflict areas:

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