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Our Projects in Libya

Alongside news of the revolution in Libya in 2011 came reports of the mistreatment and targeted rape of civilians by mercenaries of the former dictator Gaddafi. AMICA established contact with local activists in 2011 and assessed the situation on-site. In 2012 we began cooperating with Libyan partner organizations.

Empowering Libyan women - Building Civil Society

Since the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been undergoing a fundamental transformation. The country is deeply divided and has been in a state of proto-civil war since 2014. Recurring riots and armed conflict petrify daily life. Since 2012, AMICA e.V. has been supporting the development of newly founded Libyan women's organizations and contributing to the establishment of psychosocial support services and counseling centers.

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Peace, Perspectives and Security for Women and Girls in Libya

Since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, Libya is still in a state of instability and civil war. Public services are no longer operating sufficiently, nor is there a constant supply of electricity, water or even cash. Women and girls are disproportionally affected since there is little protection, security or reliable support structures. Since 2012, AMICA e.V. is working with two local partner organizations to close this gap and to give women a voice on the political and social level. The new project is funded by the SKala initiative.

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