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Our projects in Ukraine and Russia

Since the beginning of the „Euromaidan“ protests in 2013, Ukraine has been unable to return to stability and peace. More than two million people have been displaced in eastern Ukraine as a result of the conflict. Approximately one million people have fled to Russia. Women and children represent a major part of all forcibly displaced people. Traumatized by the loss of their homes and the violence they experienced, they are often left without any adequate support structures. Rural areas in particular often lack urgently needed support services.

Refugee women and girls in Ukraine and Russia are in need of support

According to a recent UN survey, two out of ten women between the age of 15 and 49 have experienced some form of violence in the course of their lives. In violent conflicts, these numbers tend to rise as forcibly displaced women and girls face an increased risk of being subjected to (sexual) violence.

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Support for Women and Girls traumatized by war and affected by violence in Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine is still rattled by conflict: Over three years after the Minsk Agreements were signed in an attempt to bring lasting peace to Ukraine, the country still faces continuous fighting. The majority of internally displaced persons (IDPs) live along the lines of the so-called buffer zone as well as in the eastern regions of the country. Here, women and girls bear the brunt of the conflict as the risk of gender-specific violence increases dramatically.

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