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INTA Peace Price 2018 for AMICA


Photo: Uli Glasemann

A great honour for AMICA e.V.: This year we were awarded the Helga and Werner Sprenger Peace Prize of the INTA Foundation in Freiburg, Germany. We are proud to share this prize with filmmaker and screenwriter Peter Ohlendorf. AMICA e.V. was awarded the prize because we are providing help for women in crisis regions. Our vision "to give women and girls in war zones and crisis areas the self-confidence, the strength and the opportunity to lead a self-determined life, to cope with traumatization and actively contribute to peace and reconciliation in society" has become amazingly real in the last 25 years, as the INTA Foundation wrote.

We would like to thank again Helga Spenger and her team who organized a wonderful celebration that took place November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. We are glad to receive the Peace Prize 2018 on behalf of our partners, who are carrying out invaluable work in war and post-war regions.

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