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Ensuring Survival

AlleinerziehendeverarbeitenPaprika8.JPGSekina wraps up pin, surgical thread and pain reliever. She had to buy those things in advance for her daughter's treatment to make sure the girl will get stitched up after the operation and can recover without pain. For many weeks Sekina did not buy firewood and she only cooked potatoes to save money for her daughter's treatment. She could not find work, since unemployment rates in Kosovo are high. Sekina does not have to offer much to her future employer because she had to leave school during the war. Her knowledge of reading and writing is poor. The family could only afford education for the sons.

Especially in rural areas, familiies often do not have means to pay for school or nor can they afford travel expenses to the next city where they can find a hospital. Without an active social net people in post-war areas are on their own.

AMICA supports women in three regions and builds centres where they can exchange experiences, support one another and socialize. The local staff offers training courses like computer classes, hairdressing and sewing. Flour mills and greenhouses were bought in and an EU-funded project experts trained the women in organic farming and marketing. AMICA opens up new possibilities for the women and enables them to earn their own living. This also helps their families, makes lives a little easier for them and in the long run contributes to long-lasting peace.

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