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Physical and Mental Health

Gynmitbabies_bearbeitet.JPGThe gynaecologist cradles a new-born baby in her arms. The mothers took part in the "School for Mother and Child“. The birth preparation course at the the women's centre is free of charge. This offer is essential for the women and their children. In post war regions, there is no reliable public health system. Only a few can afford medical care. There is a shortage of the most basic things: clean water, a healthy nutrition and medical care to prevent diseases.

Cultural conditions and traditional value systems make the lives of women even more complicated. Many girls and women have to ask for permission if they want to see a doctor or even just leave the house. Often, they are accompanied by relatives or husbands. As a result, many women do not see a gynaecologist until they give birth. Infectous diseases are kept quiet due to pressure. Many times, women receive insufficient or no medical care at all.

Many women are not even aware of the possibilities that are available for treatment. This is especially the case in rural areas which lack access to knowledge about general health issues, to media or education about prevention.

Amica e.V. offers free medical advice and meetings, as well as information about pregnancy, contraception, family planning and the prevention of diseases. Our gynaecologists and psychologists offer tutorials and workshops, visit schools and teach about medical and psychological issues.

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