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Women's Rights

Legal_Counselling_bearb.JPG500 or 2000 Dollar? Nobody knows the prices for an application for retirement pay or for the support of a sick child for sure. Many women in Chechnya do not know their rights. Some of them are not even able to read or write. Two wars have destroyed the educational system of the country. In the villages, girls reluctantly go to school because on the way they come across checkpoints where the danger of rape and kidnapping is high.

In patriarchical societies it is especially difficult for women to debate with public authorities, to claim their rights or get sufficient information. In rural Kosovo or Chechnya, tradition prevails over law. Women do not have the choice. They are dependent on their families' support. Decisions are made by others: Her husbands, her mothers-in-law, and her male relatives command her daily routine, her access to property, and the education of the children. Many young women are being exploited as cheap labourers. They are the first to get up in the morning and the last to go to bed. Their sole purpose in life is to care for their family.

Only very few women free themselves from this dilemma. In these cases, the husband's family keeps the children and the woman loses everything: her possessions, her rights and her social status. She rarely has the chance to find paid work or to rent her own flat. Single women are simply not tolerated in these societies.

The women's centers supported by AMICA offer free legal services. Attorneys inform women on their rights, hold educational courses concerning legal issues, and in individual cases they even arrange supervision and help for women in distress.

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