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Violence and War

BiH199396TrostimrotenMantelersteLeiterindesProj.hauses.jpeg Ulima was married for 27 years. She gave birth to seven children. During all these years, she endured beatings, abuse and humiliation by her husband. He set her children against her until they refused to speak with their mother. As Ulima resisted and defended herself, her husband sent her to a psychiatric facility, where she was sedated and kept quiet.

Violence against women in post-conflict and crisis areas is a major problem, both within family and society. Violent acts are often not reported to the police. Shame and fear that things might turn for the worse keep the women from asking for help. Particularly women who live in difficult economic circumstances and in rural areas have very little opportunity to take legal action and ask for psychosocial support. Many of them are dependant on the perpetrators. Thus, they remain silent and endure the abuse for years.

In the project regions of AMICA, violence against women or gender-based violence is still treated as a taboo. Family life is a private matter. Official legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo condems violence against women and offers legal assistance. However, there is no adequate care for the victims and perpetrators are not being prosecuted.

Ulima escaped the cycle of violence - thanks to the support and advice of the social workers AMICA supports. Now she regularly attends to the meetings of the support group on "Violence against Women." Today, she is divorced from her husband and has established a good relationship with him, but especially with her children and grandchildren. Ulima has become a role model for younger women suffering from the same circumstances.

"Combating violence against women" – this is the title of a multi-national project of AMICA. Three partner-organizations in three regions co-operate for three years and create a sustainable network. This network offers women in crisis situations protection and help, advocated for the rights of victims and also engages to raise awareness in workshops with perpetrators.

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