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Welcome to AMICA e.V.

25 years of AMICA - The movie

Seit 1993 unterstützt AMICA e.V. Frauen und Mädchen in Krisenregionen. Angefangen hat alles auf dem Balkan. Dort ist im Rahmen einer Evaluation ein Film entstanden, der die Entstehung und Arbeitsweise der Organisation skizziert.

Welcome to AMICA e.V.

The humanitarian aid organization AMICA e.V. supports women and girls in crisis regions and post-conflict areas. Our core responsibilities include psychosocial work with traumatized patients, the provision of medical assistance, legal advice, and aid in achieving livelihood security, and working towards equal opportunity, peace, and reconciliation for women.

AMICA e.V. was awarded the German UNIFEM Prize 2010 for  its long-standing and committed support for women in conflict regions, in particular in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

In focus

For a Foreign Policy Based on Human Rights and Gender Equality

Need for action on the implementation of the agenda „Women, Peace and Security“. In January 2019, Germany will take up a non-permanent seat in the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) for a two-year period. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had agreed to make the issue of „Women, Peace and Security“ a priority of the policies he will represent during this period and to promote the issue actively in New York. In this regard, he expressly referred to the „close connection“ between “gender equality, the protection of human rights, sustainable development and the preservation of peace and security“.

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With 50 € we can provide a legal advisor, with 80 € job training and with 150 € psychological support for women in conflict areas:

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