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What makes Women and Girls strong

#whatmakesmestrong: AMICA e.V. commemorates the strength of women and girls, living in war and crisis areas, with this campaign. They are in no way just victims of violence, but also strong agents of peace. They are called on by the hashtag #whatmakesmestrong to share a statement about what makes them personally strong, which they share with the campaign and thereby encourage other people to participate. Some prominent supporters have already spoken out, among them being the singers of the successful quartet Les Brünettes.

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Strong women: Participants of our #whatmakesmestrong campaign from Libya and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Actively shaping your life with your own ideas and wishes and putting yourself in society for rights and equality – this is what strength looks like for many women and girls. This is also applicable to war and crisis zones, in which they often suffer intense violence and tedious social, psychological, and financial consequences of the conflicts.

The campaign #whatmakesmestrong raises awareness that women and girls develop sources of strength during the most difficult of circumstances and use their abilities to shape their future with their own ideas. To be taken seriously and to be recognized as self-determined agents are pivotal points for many. “I am a strong woman, because I believe in myself,” says Shafa A., for example, who works as a social worker in Libya. “I am a human being. I have rights and I have my dignity.”

For our campaign we also spoke with women from Bosnia-Herzegovina. For some, endurance is what maks them stronger. For others, solidarity is particularly important.

An important condition for the development of this strength is hearing the needs and concerns of the women and making sure they receive support. AMICA e.V. has been working together with local women’s organizations in leading projects which empower women and girls on individual and societal levels in war and post-war regions for 25 years. “Only when long-lasting structures are established on-site can the right to protection and the anchoring of self-determination of women in society succeed,” explains Gabriele Michel, a board member of AMICA e.V. The organization has repeatedly been honored with prizes for its longstanding work in crisis regions.

The campaign #whatmakesmestrong is dedicated to all women and girls, who call around the world for their rights to freedom, safety, and equality. The supporters see this the same way, too. “To be allowed to raise my voice and to be heard, either in music or in society, makes me strong and independent,” says Stephanie Neigel of Les Brünettes. Her bandmate Julia Pellegrini joined in: “To be able to reflect, to understand, and finally to question or to improve things, all of this makes me strong. To form your own opinion and thereby remain human is just as important to me as being creative is.”

Strong ambassados for AMICA: The successful a capella quartet Les Brünettes.

Join now! Post your personal statement about what makes you strong, don't forget to use the hashtag #whatmakesmestrong or #mestrong on facebook, Instagram and Twitter and nominate three people to participate in our campaign.

If you woud like to submit a picture or a statement, please e-mail us via:

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Welcome to AMICA e.V.

The humanitarian aid organization AMICA e.V. supports women and girls in crisis regions and post-conflict areas. Our core responsibilities include psychosocial work with traumatized patients, the provision of medical assistance, legal advice, and aid in achieving livelihood security, and working towards equal opportunity, peace, and reconciliation for women.

AMICA e.V. was awarded the German UNIFEM Prize 2010 for  its long-standing and committed support for women in conflict regions, in particular in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

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